How To Be A Member Clash Of Clans Central ( COCC )

How To Be A Member Clash Of Clans Central ( COCC )
Hello member,

        How To Be A Member Clash Of Clans Central ( COCC ), first thing first u must donate to be a member, we only need a serious member to join our team not a lamer.

How To Donate :
We Need Your Help To Make Our Server Live, To become a Member and get token you must become a donors first.

Three ways to Donate US to be a Member VIP COCC. Via Google Play gift Cards or Paypal Donate

Donation using Bitcoin

Simply by sending 0.09 BTC, to our bitcoin address: ( 0.09 BTC = $ 25 USD )
 after successfully sending bitcoin, do not forget to confirm to our email address:

Your membership will we enable a maximum of 24 hours after confirmation.

Donation using Neteller

Transfer Money Online

With our online payment account we offer an international money transfer service, so you can securely make payments online to anyone in the world, in four simple steps

   1. Sign up for an online account
   2. Securely transfer money into your NETELLER Account
   3. Enter the recipient’s email address : , amount : $ 20 and currency USD
   4. Hit send. You and the receiver will get email confirmations

Donation using Google Play Gift Cards

1. Simply send Google Play Gift Card Code $25 to e-mail us :

2. We will process the longest week because we were not able to check e-mails every day.

3. Each Donors will get a 30 digit token to verify the correctness ID when using tools Premium

4. Sending Google Play Gift Cards can use ScreenShot or manually typing code Google Play Gift Cards
Example : 422A 23N5 3B23 3V56 8224
and sent to the e-mail address:

5. We will not process and IP blacklisting for members who try to commit fraud by sending Google Play Gift Cards Counterfeit or that has been used.

NB : Below you can see an example google play gift cards.

Donation using Paypal Donate

Simply click Donate Button and process the next step.

Here is the explanation was very clear and does not need to be explained over and over again and we will not serve for you are acting and had a question like a noob . Thank You

Note : 
How To Sign Up Neteller :
How To Sign Up Paypal :
How to get Google Play Gift Card : u can google it to find Google Play Gift Card in your country click here

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